Disc Hubs

We can manufacture disc hubs and glue them on various steels using different methods and types of glue. Also, we design drawings, produce and assemble disc hubs and provide coating according to custom requirements. You can view full specifications in the PDF file below.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Disc Hubs Various Diameters

Various Sizes

Glass discs of up to 400 mm in diameter and thickness from 0.5 to 8 mm.


Gluing disc hubs on various materials i.e. various steels including stainless, aluminum, etc.

Disc Hub Gluing


Depending on the application and requirements, we glue using different methods and different glues (UV, Epoxy, etc.) ensuring radial and axial runout of the disc of up to 1-2 um.

Precision Engineering

Ensuring radial and axial runout of the disc of up to 1-2 um

Disc Hub Gluing Through Microscope
Disc Hub Design


Designing drawings, producing and assembling disc hubs as well as providing coating according to the customer’s requirements.